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    iNoJB 'iNoJailbreak' is a jailbreaking and 'Cydia' alternative for iOS devices. iNoJB allows users to upload, and install other user uploaded applications. iNoJB also allows you to add user made repositories. You agree that you understand the risk of installing or visiting websites located within these repositories. You also agree that iNoJB or team members will not be held liable for any damage done to your device by viewing or installing anything on or from the iNoJB website to your device. Any profit(s) recieved from iNoJB advertisements or other income sources help the site to run and be a stable platform for the user (you). You also agree that by using this website you (the user) will be held liable for any infringement of copyright or trademark violation of any file, recourse, or code hosted on iNoJB.net. You (the user) will also be held liable for any attacks on the infrastrucure, website, or website operators 'team'. In the case of any infringement, attack, or violation we have full rights to conduct any legal actions necessary against you (the user). If you infringe or go against anything stated in these terms of service and do not abide by our ceace and desist orders or take down requests within 30 days we will take further legal actions if necessary. When using this site you (the user) agree that any content you post, upload, or put on iNoJB is owned by you and you are the legal copyright owner.
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